Water & Health
Water is the most essential element after oxygen for human life and is an indispensable part of our nutrition. A human being can live for weeks without eating anything but can survive only for a few days without water.

Although the amount of water in a human body changes between 42 to 75 percent depending on age and gender, around 59 percent of an adult’s body consists of water.

It is thanks to water that the food that we intake is digested, absorbed and transferred to cells; the cells, tissues, organs and systems function, the toxic materials produced are carried and excreted, the body temperature is controlled, the viscosity of junctions are ensured and various biochemical events take place.

Rare and Pure.
Natural Spring Water
Abant Water is with you in its iconic glass bottle* that perfectly reflects the natural character of water and preserves its purity and taste. Abant Water is named from Abant, a natural wonder, which has one of the widest floras of our country and is put under protection as a nature park. Being produced and presented with hygienic and environmentally friendly systems at high standards applied by the modern world, Abant Water continues its mission of being pioneer and model with two different glass bottles of 0.75 cl and 0.33 cl following Turkey's first 19-liter glass demijohn. *Abant Water glass bottles were designed by the world-famous Brand Image.