Analysis Reports - Quality Policies

As Abant Su Turkey, in our facilities where modern and hygienic conditions are provided;

Food safety, compliance with laws and the satisfaction of our consumers are our priority and target in every product we produce in the natural spring water and natural mineral water sector in which we operate, at all stages from raw material procurement to final product consumption.

To achieve this goal;

Management, with the principle of "total quality" at every stage, to provide sufficient leadership and resources to fulfill the expectations of our customers, to produce healthy and high quality, to provide a solid food safety and quality-oriented culture as a part of our business foundations,

Developing our system and production in line with legal requirements, complying with all valid and regulatory certification requirements,

To determine the dangers that may occur in our production stages and to take precautions,

To create an expert staff by providing continuous training of our employees, to encourage participation in all areas of the business through open communication and training, and to promote food safety and quality,

To be a company that constantly updates and develops itself by constantly monitoring technological developments, always aiming to reach the better, to develop a quality and food safety culture with the idea of ??continuous improvement,

Reaching a large consumer mass, where the customers are satisfied with working, in open and close communication, where the functioning in accordance with sustainable quality and food safety standards is targeted,

To ensure employee satisfaction continuously, to make quality a way of life for all our employees,

We are committed.

Analysis Reports