About Us

The name Abant Su comes from Abant, the motherland of pure and healthy water and a miracle of nature which is a home for one of the largest floras in Turkey and is protected as a ‘Natural Park’.

Established in 2008, Abant Water’s product range includes the pet group of 19 litres, 10 litres, 5 litres, 1,5 litres, 0,5 litres and 0,33 litres from its spring in Bolu Abant.

By producing the very first 19 liters of glass bottle in Turkey in 2011, the company brought a different perspective to the bottled water industry.

Its Gölcük-Geyiktepe spring and facilities started to operate in 2015 and the 0,33 liters and 0,75 liters glass bottle products were released into the market.

Abant Water uses the state-of-art technology in its facilities and continuously follows technological advancements thanks to the sound infrastructure that it has got. With the bottles filled in a special section the air of which is continuously cleaned and the entry of outside air is prevented, the water filled in from the spring is subject to various physical, chemical and microbiological tests in all phases of production.

We Heal Our Hearts & Bind Our Wounds Together!

After the devastating earthquakes in February, to support our beloved country of Turkiye, we opened the doors of our Kaya Belek Hotel & Resort, to those who were affected. We have been hosting 130 earthquake victims free of charge for last 1 month. Additionally, displaced individuals, among other groups, were made vulnerable by the natural disaster and have been left without access to necessary resources – with this in mind, we delivered 115 trucks of water from our group company, Abant Water, to provide relief to those living in affected provinces. We also allocated a significant amount of our water production to earthquake victims. We met the need for 323.000 hygiene pads, 192.000 underwear and clothing. We contacted state institutions to establish a container city in the earthquake zone and we sent around 120 containers home to affected people. In addition to these, we donated 5 million TL for the container city. In total, the cash equivalent of our aid is 30 million TL. We will continue to do more, so that our Turkiye can see better days.