Our Springs

The Bolu Abant Spring

The spring is located in the forest of mostly pine and fir trees at an altitude of 1,300 meters in the Bolu Mountains. The flow rate of the spring fed by the richness of the untouched nature of the region which is also a natural nature park, its mineral structure and taste preserve its standards throughout the year unaffected by rainfall.

The Gölcük Geyiktepe Spring

The spring is located in the forest of birch trees at an altitude of 1,100 meters in the district of Gölcük Geyiktepe and is is one of the preferred springs as it is far away from residential areas and for its taste and mineral blend.

Our Burdur Abant Spring

Our spring in Burdur Aglasun area, located at 1460 meters altitude, on southern side of Akdag mountain, which is a part of Western Taurus Mountains, is not affected by external factors due to its distance from the settlement, and it preserves its taste and quality standards all year round.